Lobel Financial Auto Loan Reviews

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Interest Rate
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
I have never missed a payment and am actually two months ahead and I was call to make another payment to them and as I was on the phone with them they came and repod my truck and I also received 6 phone calls today from them while I was at work and I would answer the call and it would just hang up as I said hello and the repo guy call them to verify that I made my payment and they told him to take the tuck cause I have never made a payment to...
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Single mom with everyday struggles.I just spoke with a Rep yesterday letting them know I would be in today to make a payment. He says okay I'll note it here on your account . My roommate comes home at 5am this morning and asks me where is my car? Bastards picked it up in the middle of the night. Not to mention I've had insurance since the beginning but they added $100 a month to my payments when all along the had my info. They are just some lazy...
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Lobel car company is harassing me.First once I switched insurance and no matter how many time insurance fax, call, & emails the car company (insurance recorded everytime), witch is over a hand full of times. The car company still keeps calling me morning/work hours (even after I told them not to call when at work) and night EVERY DAY (to me and my husband) to collect insurance $ and says I have no insurance, no matter how many times I say...
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I was denied an auto loan from them. Then afterwards got a call saying the vehicle was my obligation to pay. I dont have the vehicle, havent had possession of the vehicle. Its still for sale at the dealership. They reported that it was an involuntary repossession less than a month after they claim the loan was approved. I have a letter from when they denied the loan. Why would they repo a vehicle that never even had a payment due? I think they...
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I liked
  • Never had a good experirnce communicating lobel customer service
I didn't like
  • Do not honor their word
  • You get a diferent answer to the same question every time
  • I was hung up on multiple times
Lobel in my opinion at the tim of my car loan was fantastic, the staff members were great; howevet, that has now changed.As a customer, I NEVER missed a payment NEVER late until my last payoff due to my having to pay $300 for Eloquis meds following a stroke. I called to inform the company that my last payment would be posponed (I am on fixed income) until now, April. Lobel refuses to adjust the intrest on my payoff in the amount of $34. The...
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