I have had anaccount with Lobel Financialfor30months now. I just paid them off,which is aelief,but i suggest to anyone who is shopping for loans toAVOID this company like the plague.

Last year when my Mom had cancer I had to take a leave ofabsence from work and when I did my car broke down in Las Vegas and the repairs were not cheap. Lobel has a "policy" that allows you to skip a payment when somethinglike this comes up, but the truth is that they just want to charge you more fees and interest which is what they did, and they reported lte paymenton my credit,even though it was communicate to me that they did not.

On top ofeveryhing my skipped pament cost me twice my monthy payment amaount of $280, so my final payment was $560. Don't trust Lobel, and if you get another loan offer I suggest you take the other offer because lobel will ougeyouevery chnce they get o they can take more money from you.

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Yes same exact thing with insurance they also threaten the same thing about taken the van away them *** can kiss my you no what they are scanles company


i have had my loan for 14mo. in that time lobel has notified me that i dont have insurance on my vehicle witch is a lie 16yrs

with the same insuraqnce co. my policy has never canceled or interupted not once but 9 time in 14mo witch every time theye attach there insurance charges and i refuse to pay now there thretend me about reposesing my vehicle witch i have never missed a payment yet so frustrated if they do reposses there wont be much left of the vehicle

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